ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space BV

ISIS is a vertically integrated small satellite company, focused on providing highly value, cost effective space solutions by making use of the latest innovative technologies. As one of Europe’s leaders in the nanosatellite domain, ISIS offers contract research, innovative satellite systems and turnkey space solutions to a broad range of customers for small satellite applications.
Based in the Netherlands, ISIS employs over 25 specialist employees all of which have a background in space technology and engineering, and operates from two different sites in Delft and Noordwijk. The company’s core competencies lie in the application of space systems engineering in combination with an expertise in the following technical areas: radiofrequency systems and payloads, deployable systems and hold-down and release mechanisms, attitude determination systems, and embedded systems.
Standardized systems and interfaces for small satellite systems allow a different approach to satellite development. Within the CubeSat concept these aspects have been successfully applied in many areas and as a result a broad range of CubeSat products is available off-the-shelf. ISIS launched in January 2009 to provide the CubeSat developers community with an online platform where developers can find detailed information on commercially available systems and to have the opportunity to purchase these systems directly. Since its inception, offers products from most of the major CubeSat system developers to the community, creating a one-stopshop for CubeSat developers.
ISIS continues to invest in new products, technologies and concepts that will allow ISIS to better serve the small satellite community and thus strengthen the position of ISIS within that community. New and innovative concepts with respect to launch solutions and systems, further standardization of platform systems and components and the support of project teams and customers with its expertise, facilities and general know-how of the small satellite and CubeSat markets.
Within this project ISIS is directly involved key technology developments for Novel electronics, it uses its system integrator expertise for nanosatellites to take a major role in the systems engineering, mission analysis and MAIT of the satellite and payloads and uses its network and experience in finding a suitable launch for the project.