NSL Satellites Ltd


NSL is a recently formed space engineering and project SME in Israel.  NSL employees have a reputation within the Israeli space market as unique managers, dealing with some of the most sophisticated projects. NSL founders have published several space-related papers and lectures regarding actual issues which concern the space industry, and presented innovative solutions to major unsolved problems.  Since NSL builds on the experience of its founders, the foundations of the company will give it a stronger survival power than other companies of the same age.

NSL shall perform continuous R&D programs aiming at producing new solutions for the satellite industry.  NSL founders bring their own reputation into NSL. For example the founders are involved in building two nano-satellites within INSA – the Israeli Nano-Satellite Association.

Some of the capabilities and strengths of NSL are:

  • Specifying, designing and managing tailored solutions for various space applications, varying from optical to communication and scientific payload.
  • Advanced Mechanical and System Engineering design
  • Leading a network of global suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • Assembling and working in clean rooms.
  • Developing, optimizing and carrying out complex end-to-end verification and validation processes of space systems.
  • Thinking out of the box and providing innovative solutions for complex problems.
  • Marketing innovative solutions for space and terrestrial applications.
  • Designing, preparing and conducting project reviews.
  • Academic support and involvement capabilities.
  • Non-profit education outreach projects.